Making Scents

Fragrances / Perfumes may contain a blend of both natural and synthetic ingredients. Natural ingredients such as flowers, grasses, spices, fruits, wood, roots, leaves, and gums. Synthetic materials can recreate natural scents, but also improve the shelf life of the fragrance, make the fragrances longer-lasting, and ensure fragrances are competitive by using less expensive and less resource-intensive ingredients.

Fragrance oils may mimic a naturally occurring compound or maybe a combination of ingredients to invoke a feeling.

Fragrances are generally described as having 3 main parts;

Top notes – these are the initial light aromas that you smell first when evaluating a fragrance. These are the sweet, light, fruity, tangy notes that are easy to smell and more fleeting.

Middle notes – these make the body of the perfume and will be made form a complex range of ingredients. They may be described as woody, floral, feminine, masculine notes

Base notes – are the long-lasting notes of the fragrances, that linger and last. These notes are imperative to creating an enduring fragrance. These are often woody, musky, cedar type notes.


We manufacture all our Fragrances here in Australia from locally made and imported ingredients. Scentral has an extensive library of contemporary fragrances including 100’s of different perfumes for different applications and different requirements. We can offer custom-designed fragrances and perfume manufacturing based on our customers’ requirements.


Scentral’s range of fragrance oils are designed for industrial manufacturing applications, for use in products such as

  • Bleach
  • Cleaning Products; Disinfectants, Detergents, Reodorants, Air Fresheners, Toilet cleaners
  • Cosmetics; Creams, Lotions, Hairsprays, Deodorants
  • Insecticides
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry; Laundry powders, Laundry liquids, Fabric softeners
  • Soaps; Bar soaps, Liquid soaps

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are naturally occurring substances extracted from plants. Using various processes essential oils may be produced from the blossom, fruit, leaf, stem, bark, wood, or resin. Essential Oils are more expensive than Fragrances however are Natural and have therapeutic qualities. Scentral can offer a large range of Essential Oils. Please contact us for a list.